Lupus Symptoms Why Does Sunlight Make Lupus Symptoms Worse?

Why does sunlight make lupus symptoms worse? - lupus symptoms

I know I should not be exposed to the sun a lot when you have lupus, making it the worst. I wonder why and what makes everything even worse, but I do not feel like looking at myself.

Please do not say that I am intelligent when it comes to medical terms, it is dumb to me, if possible.


Linda R said...

When the UV-A or UV-B can trigger hits the skin, changes in the DNA in skin cells. Your immune system is stimulated to react. The number of attacks is nothing with lupus, the immune system, including you, when they are stimulated. The lighting can also be activated dendritic immune cells of the skin.

Cover and sunscreen. Kidney disease lupus also may explode due to exposure to UVA and UVB.

If you successfully live with lupus, he has been very active in managing their disease. It means you see your doctor, as proposed, plan with your medication after treatment and you can learn about lupus.

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