Clonazepam As A Sleep Aid Is It Okay To Use Clonazepam As A Sleep Aid?

Is it okay to use clonazepam as a sleep aid? - clonazepam as a sleep aid

I prescribed for clonazepam the side effects of ABILIFY but I think I can not sleep. Clonazepam seems to let me sleep, but I think I am more and more. Currently, I take my two plus six tablets prescribed for sleep and sleep another two at night. Should I fear. I have tried zopiclone, but seemed to have no effect.


Alice said...

Of course you should worry. Clonazepam is highly addictive and bensodiazepine addiction can be very dangerous. If you take more and more of them, you must stop all. Talk to your doctor, prescription, and thus something for your sleep problems are not an addiction for him.

debra said...

I'd be more concerned with the Abilify. Do you think this is an atypical antipsychotic medication originally developed for schizophrenia and are forced now, bipolar? The side effects are terrible, as the potential for causing permanent damage. They are treated much more on this medication. Do you have a night and not wake up all the pills you are. Alice is right, you will become addicted to clonazepam.

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