Hunting Camouflage Do I Really Need To Have A Camouflage Shotgun For Turkey Hunting?

Do I really need to have a camouflage shotgun for turkey hunting? - hunting camouflage

I personally think the weapon looks pretty stupid disguise. But I think I'm just a traditionalist.

A few years ago when I was young and foolish, I, Turkey hunt in full camouflage. I do not know, maybe you just want to look like Rambo or something. Today, when I carry Turkey Hunting, hunting, I wear traditional Highland (tan barn jacket and orange) contains a variety of fluorescent orange.

The thing with turkeys is a good eye. But what is the moving spirits. I had turkeys walk within 10 feet (by me) in the season, and my eyes. We can say that something was wrong, but I did not know I was a man sitting under a tree. Of course, I could see my bright orange dress, but again, while I sat there, did not execute.

Also, I saw turkeys in a field about 200 yards when he was sitting in my car. When he opened the door to leave, he went under.

In summary. Do not worry about camouFlags firearms or even camouflage. If you want to hunt turkey, it is important to remain constant or are trying, behind a curtain, where it can not identify your catch movment.


Deer Hunter said...

I've never had a gun in camouflage for hunting turkeys, and I personally do not think it makes a difference. The only thing that is an advantage that the stock of weapons and guns are not as bright. I had turkeys do not come to my calls, she could see the sun shining in my gun. With a gun in camouflage, will have no problem, but honestly, what are your chances of getting the exact situation? Are rare. So really, no.

SethSpea... said...

Quarry No, turkeys are so stupid and simple. We have here, and you can stay in the tree and see from 40 feet. However, I can tell you from personal experience that is not the wild turkey worth the cost of the bullets needed to kill them. is difficult to characterize the hunt, and its taste is like a metallic iron or something. not a game appreciated by all means. If rain, things to kill and then you go .. but it is more of a challenge then get in a flock of chickens.

Bret A said...

Not when a field blind, but if you want a Turkey and the harvest, then I recommend it.
If turkeys could smell, that I never killed anyone.
It is a vision for the birds, and they look great.
Screw motion, long before a weapon, if it is not camo.

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