Brooder Plans Bumblefoot In Captive Japanese Quail Used For Experiments? Please Help, Especially Vets!?

Bumblefoot in captive Japanese Quail used for experiments? Please help, especially vets!? - brooder plans

I work in a laboratory of psychology at the university for my course credits. I worked with a professor of cognitive functions and the classical conditioning was tested in pigeons, I was very impressed with how the birds accommodation and treatment. But this semester, I work for a professor to be of use to the Japanese quail addictive drugs such as methamphetamine, cocaine and Adderol test. The quail are raised to deal with adult women are often kept in the incubator itself (up to 20) of them. That alone bothers me, but that was authorized by the Committee for Internal Animal Care and Veterinary College has been. My main problem today is that many women develop Bumblefoot. There is still blood everywhere on the floor of the cage and the walls of the quail are trying to go to infected foot.PhD student is responsible for the lab said it was a common problem in the laboratory and several females often get. However, they are doing nothing! I am absolutely disgusted and tried in the lab reports to the Commission, but no one seems to care. I have training veterinary assistants and does not believe is ethical or humane, so that such birds to limp around the infested plants. I would like to know more about Bumblefoot, so you can develop a new action plan with the hope of help for these quail. Can someone tell me more about that?


Anonymous said...

I know that many of these wastes is preferable to drug addicts place volunteers at a bird was in perfect health ... But that's another debate. The following link to a PDF file containing a large amount of information on the treatment and Bumblefoot (Bumblefoot colitis),

% Http: / / / pdf / CAFB 20HEAD ...

Personally, and as mentioned in the article, I have never seen an effective treatment can remove it. The best thing I said to the birds, we have worked, has come to the infected area clean and heal our frequently if necessary, until it is closed. Then go back on another filling on the bottom of the cage to clean and disinfect daily.

Although I can not agree with everything the laboratory (tests done on animals as they can) or luckyIt helps the birds, at least a little better.

Anonymous said...

It took a lot of medicines Bumblefoot is really painful for the birds. The reason why I Bumblefoot is because the bottom of the cage causes rashes on the fingers that are infected (lightly, if other birds that are infected in the same cage). The house must be revised because it is certainly not a place. If not, the "internal committee of animal care" should be aware of this problem and called a vet in your responsibility, and it is certainly not inevitable .... really very simple.

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