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Good quote response? please help? - fun response cards

When Christine looks at her teenage years, he thought, "I had accumulated enough interest for the fun to last. I had a good reputation among the people, we could see in his eyes. I was the first speaker who took over when the neon lights and it was good for me ... There are girls my age already with two children, married, and others who went to mass daily and nuns, but in all their habits. When I have seen in the store, with baskets full of shopping, I was glad that I have the letter "(Dorris, 145).

Christine seems to be the difference between him and the other girls differ in the city. Christine admits that it is known a girl in the community, especially men. This raises the question about young adolescents, who are married with children. She is aware of this problem, and the address and said she is very comfortable with who she is. For many people, including Aunt Ida, as Christine is a bitch, especially because it comes easily to humans. Christine is convinced thatBattle for his true identity, and not with another only as a "good girl" be seen by the public to create. She is aware that the other girls tried in the city, create a good image of themselves that are seen as a kind woman.


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