How To Make Volleyball Ribbons How To Deal With Those Stuck Up, Bratty?

How to deal with those stuck up, bratty? - how to make volleyball ribbons

Girls who think they are "too cool"?

Ok. So I'm going to a clinic volleyball and the girl is not good to say your name is Danielle. We are both 13 years and is a complete snob. She thinks she is so cool .. good ... Nobody does. Well .. I do not know. sure.

soo ... Exercise made online today, and I say ball bounce the wrong way, and I, with the heart, although I ran up to him to the girl, give it to hit. when I gave him a bullet hit me in the face. I stopped going to my friend Danielle and Natalie Maines said that it hurts. Natalie did not see the event, and I wonder what kind of damage, and Danielle, who was in the corner now, laughing with her friend Rebecca called out, "the ballFace! "For all to hear.

Now we would probably think that the enemies of long life and all, but really, I do not even know, and the only thing in my life, I said: "I like your band! So obviously is very young and insecure, and life to make others feel bad and insecure.

so .. What I ask is that you can help me and me some idea of revenge. mean nothing and does nothing to hurt him. something that could give him a lesson though.

Thank you:)


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