Cat White Worms Pictures Given The Choice Would You Rather Have A Purely White Cat Or A Purely Black Cat?

Given the choice would you rather have a purely white cat or a purely black cat? - cat white worms pictures

I prefer a black cat on it for me is magical and mystical and simply beautiful. I have also heard that white cats more prone to deafness and skin cancer, and I believe that blindness. Is there a particular health problem, that black cats are more susceptible because their color?


I-C said... ...

Idk if that helps

DTI is a difficult choice between a select them

I-C said... ...

Idk if that helps

DTI is a difficult choice between a select them

Laurie said...

You are correct. Permitted if in the open, white cats are prone to skin cancer on ears and nose. Some white cats with certain physical properties can be boring, but this is obviously not the rule. Black cats have additional problems possible as a pure white cat. All cats are susceptible to diseases and other hazards if left outside. The color of the cat is a personal preference, because both are beautiful.

karateka... said...

I tend tend towards black cats. They are hard to take because people are superstitious about them. And sometimes people are black cats are not good, and the cats could be in danger. Some shelters refuse, black cats during the months of October, because of him bye.

But black cats are so wonderful, like any other cat, and need a loving home, too.

Soigné said...

When I was 14, my sister and I found a pure white kitten in the park, stormwater drainage and be shut up. Then 2 years later I got a pure black cat from a friend, a litter for cats had. They looked impressive overcrowded.
I think white cats are more prone to skin cancer when my daughter has a partial white cat and now her skin is very thin. His ears are visible almost through and I think he had a sunburn, when in the sun too long or left without blocking, which could lead to cancer on the left.

Malina said...

Black cats are healthier in general. I have two cats prefer black and white on black, especially since most people prefer white on black, and I think it is bad. In addition, black cats more in line with the furniture it seems.

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