Where Is Gull Bladder Is It Common To Have Gull Bladder Grow Into The Other Organs?

Is it common to have gull bladder grow into the other organs? - where is gull bladder

I removed the open surgery and gull bladder and connected to a half-bag had ....... if they ever bleed in your pocket? be the bag for 2 months before the rest of the gullbladder have to be deleted.


Dr V said...

Looks like you have an infection complicated gallbladder. When this happens, both an inflammation of the gallbladder are not easily separated in the liver. It is customary to leave a charge in relation to the anatomic severity and other considerations. It can even hold a T-piece through the cystic duct into the bile duct in a position to your patiency until complete healing. A little blood in the bag should be fine, but if the blood is essentially fulfilled should consult your doctor.

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