Denon Amp Test Tone No Sound From Line Out?

No sound from line out? - denon amp test tone

No sound when I try, my Hitachi LCD 42 "connected to my amp (Denon PMA-655R), which the input and output audio input. Tested amp and RCA cables. Is there a simple fuse board control or any other ideas ?


megan n said...

There are a few that isolate the problem can do. First remove the son from the TV and turn the amp. Then press the tip of the Human cable, connecting to the TV. If you hear a ringing or buzzing, then the amp works very well. Then connect the cable to the audio output jacks on the TV screen. This output can be a fixed or variable level output Output level. This option is selected in the TV menu. If the variable, then television and then receive audio from the TV and amplifier. If it changes the volume is adjusted by the amplifier. You can also turn the TV speakers from the internal menu on most televisions.

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