Whats The Best Weave To Buy What's The Best Brand Of Hair Weave To Buy?

What's the best brand of hair weave to buy? - whats the best weave to buy

Are you looking for a good brand of hair weaving, sewing in my hair to not confuse or shed easily. I was told that the Milky Way is a good brand, but me and my friends have had no luck with it. I will be more than $ 40 per parcel to pay for them. Help please!


sheffiel... said...

I heard some people on your tail and sew fabrics and Hollywood is more hair on the market. I tried it and love it. Not confuse or scales, if you care about them as you would your own hair. It's a little over $ 40, but if you take care of it, you can again and again. I have found the same pack of hair is already 4 times. Hope this helps.

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FFA PR Association said...

Well, the best brands of hair tissue:

1. Hello Kitty
2. Disney Mania
3. Cabbage Patch Kids
4. Polly Pocket
5. Barbie (De Matel)
6. Power Rangers
7. Mario Bros.
8. Daddy Yankee
9. Cat Meow Meow Mix and
10. Whiskas

Good luck! ^ ^

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