Rozetta Doll Does Anyone Know Any History On The Rozetta Doll Co. Of Holland?

Does anyone know any history on the Rozetta Doll Co. of Holland? - rozetta doll

They were dressed dolls in traditional Dutch costumes, boys and girls. Everything I found seems to be too old. You know aything to the manufacturer and the current year is done? What materials were used for the head (bisque, composition?)? The current market value today? Thank you for your help!


Shari R said...

Not much, if I perform a search. Maybe you would like to send some doll magazines and ask them.

There are several pairs of these dolls and dolls dressed in eBay Netherlands - seems to sell at low prices under $ 20.

For photos of mint dolls Dearest: ...

cltd said...

Sorry, I can not find any information about the company, but I have some plastic dolls were favorable disk ..

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