Patrick Ewing Baby Shoes Do You Guys Think Any Of The Old Basketball Players Were Overrated Back Then?

Do you guys think any of the old basketball players were overrated back then? - patrick ewing baby shoes

do u guys think one of the older players were overrated then?

Jordan 1.Michael
2. Clyde Drexler
3. Charles Barkley
4. sleep
5. Isiah Thomas
6. Kevin McHale
7. Magic
8. Larry Bird
9. Bernard King
10. John Stockton
11. Karl Malone
12. Tom Cameras
13. Mosas Malone
14. Scottie Pippen
15. Rick Barry
16. Kareem
18. Chris Mullin
19. Pistol Pete
20. Bill Walton
21. David Robinson
22. Patrick Ewing
23. Walt Frazier

Critisim heard too much on current players, even the best of Kobe and LeBron

KG: You are not without Pierce and Allen can win arrogant, could not lead a team to the championship to think for themselves, that everything

Kobe will never be better than Jordan, can not win without Shaq can not win without the fishermen to win the song without Gasol, rapist

LeBron: cry cry baby, overvalued, it will never win a championship

Caramel is not even a full game overestimate lazyie Defense

tmac: too expensive, always injured, never grow beyond the first round of

Yao Ming: too soft, not to play defense


pimp daddy kane said...

lol ura good person hates me or DO how? Mites and I uhm, just to see the ball B and see the football cuz u obviously kno nothing ABT arrogant? no? CNT win without Pierce, Allen, if you can recall without gaining him whether DNT CNT paper discusses uhm never

Drock said...

The only criticism I can remember, Karl Malone, the man will not deliver mail on Sunday. they say, when he came in the final. Do not believe all of them are overvalued, and they played in the NBA. and I think most critics today is not driven. Frankly, I think all these guys have talent or not win the championship or not.

JD said...

Geez, all or hatred for the wrong reasons. Stop makes us all a favor and log off and watch basketball.

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